Monday, July 24, 2006

Review: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen's This Lullaby is one of the best teen books I've ever read. It's the story of Remy, a girl who has no faith in love. Part of this is because her own father never even saw her, only wrote a now-famous song, called "This Lullaby," about her before he died. It certainly doesn't help that her mother has been married four times, and, at the beginning of the novel, is about to have her fifth wedding. Remy says about her mother's marriages, "She takes on husbands the way other people change their hair color: out of boredom, listlessness, or just feeling that this next one will fix everything, once and for all."

Remy likes to feel in control of things when she's got a boyfriend. She knows all about getting into relationships, the first romantic rush, and ending them before there's any emotional attachment. She's almost always the one to dump guys, not the other way around. She's got plenty of pratice at it, too.

One day, at the car dealership owned by her mother's next husband, she meets a guy named Dexter. He's very determined to get to know Remy, and, at first, she thinks he's ridiculous and ignores him. Dexter, however, is persistent. When the two finally get together, everyone is shocked that Remy's staying in the relationship. Dexter is so many things Remy could never put up with. He's messy and impulsive, but, most of all, he's a musician. Until Dexter came along, Remy and a no musician rule, and now she's broken it.

Signs point to Remy ending this relationship and not looking back. Everyone thinks that's what will happen. Everyone except Dexter, who wants it to be more than a summer thing, who has faith in their relationship. How will it all end?

This is an amazing young adult book by a brilliant author. Sarah Dessen, author of several other books including That Summer and Someone Like You, does an awesome job of keeping the reader's attention throughout This Lullaby. She does it with her original story, told in Remy's unique voice. It doesn't hurt that Sarah Dessen is great at creating fresh, original, believable characters. Thoughtful and powerful, this book also has its moments that will make readers laugh, which is a nice change of pace in the story. Every aspect of this novel surpasses expectations.

Rating: 10/10

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adri said...

This was an amazing book! I had started to lose faith in Sarah Dessen, because your books had slowly started to lose some originality and passion that her younger books had... this one completly changed my mind. She did an amazing job with the characterization in this one, and in my opinion, thats what brought it all together. =)

april said...

well i just strated reading ure book and i think its amazing ... i love the book. my friend Gen is currently reading ure other book called "someone like u". she said it is awesome. well this book is so good i cant wait to finished this!!!! ..... u should wirte more books

Anonymous said...

i read the book and i thought it was awful...boring and dragged on forever. I didn't fall in love with Dexter, i thought he was boring..there was nothing to him. The whole book was a big bore

Anonymous said...

I thought the book was amazing! i read it once fast because it was so good and now I'm reading it again slowly because i thought it was that good. I think the author did a good job of describing the characters and the lives of a teenager

Aubrey said...

This is the first book by Sarah Dessen that I've read, and I'm very glad I read it. At first I was sceptical when my freind recomended it but after I read it I thought it was the best book I've ever read! Sarah Dessen really captured how teens really are.

marissa said...

i loved this book. sarah dessen is a great author. if you are to read this book, be sure to read "Just Listen" afterwards. if you look closely enough into "This Lullaby" you can see some resemblances that have also were transferred into "Just Listen". It's pretty cool.


wow. sarah dessen is amazing.
sarah--- can u make a movie?
ar an sequel to this lullaby
i want to see what will happen
to remy & dexter.

well it was amazing.
end of story.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely loved this book.
i originally bought it a few years back, right after i had broken up with my boyfriend because there was a review on the back cover talking about how love requires a leap of faith & a soft landing is never guaranteed..
i finally decided to read it and fell in love. not even an hour after i finished the book, i ran to the store and bought "the truth about forever" and fell even more in love with that one.
i'm not sure which book of sarah dessen's i plan on buying next but i'm sure i'll love it too !

Chelsea said...

this is the first book i read by sarah dessen, i hardly ever read books but this one is amazing i loved reading it and i plan on reading all her others =] im sure this wil be my favorite though<3

Miriam Estime said...

Sarah Dessen! i love you and your absolutley amazing.
i dont care what anyone says but your books had absolutley nothing on Twilight-great book but The Lulluby has it all!!
i cant get enough..your amazing

Anonymous said...

You can see what happens to remy and dexter in other books, one of the stories the characters go to a concert and have back stage entry and meet the band dexter was in.

Carly said...

This book was purely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Sarah Dessen's books sometimes, well usually, bore me but This Lullaby tottally kept me on my toes. I really hope Sarah writes more books about love and romance. Details would be great too! Thanks for the amazing book, Sarah! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Dessen, you are a terrible author and this lullaby was a complete disgrace. I hate Remy and I started to like her when she was seeing Dexter, but now that they broke up I hate the book and I don't want to even finish. Thanks for waisting my time when I had to be reading this book for school