Saturday, September 16, 2006

ARC Trading

Someone posted on the LJ community yalitlovers looking for a place to swap ARCs, but the only thing that I know of that exists that's sort of like that is young adult ARCs, where one person posts a book and then sends it to the first person who wants to read it, who sents it to the next person, and so on until it's back to its original owner. Would anyone here be interested in a site for just trading ARCs? It might be a good idea, since sites like Paperback Swap don't allow it. If so, what should the rules be? Only ARC-for-ARC? Or should any swap be allowed, if one of the books is an ARC? Should it just be ARCs of YA books, or should any book be allowed? Let me know what you think, and I'll set up a site.

EDIT: It's now set up here. Let's see if anyone joins!

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