Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Other stuff

Below you will find the latest reviews. Recently, I've read some fabulous books! Anyway, this is just some other stuff about contests and websites and things.

YA Books Central is running some great contests this month for an autographed copy of Riley Weston's fabulous first novel, Before I Go and ten copies of Matthew Skelton's Endiymon Spring, which I haven't yet read but it looks interesting.

New book site! Alyssa Feller's blog The Shady Glade is looking awesome! She has book reviews, reviews of book-related websites, and more. Alyssa is an official reviewer for YABC; check out her reviews and interviews there as well.

Another cool recently added blog is Chicklet Lit, a blog about teen chick lit--reviews, lists (the most recent is best chicklet lit turned into movies), and more related stuff.

An early reminder to check out Veronika's site next month when she'll be running a contest for Kelly McClymer's book, Salem Witch Tryouts. I haven't read it, but I want to! Of course, Veronika also has great reviews and interviews.

Teens Read Too has a contest running for Jenine Wilson's The Shadow Within (which I'll be reviewing soon), Christine Fletcher's awesome book Tallulah Falls (read my review here), and Susane Colasanti's When It Happens (I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this one!). They'll also have new reviews & other stuff up all the time.

is hosting an essay contest for teens! Winners will recieve autographed copies of all the Flux books. The site also has some guest blogs from great Flux authors.

If you know of another contest, email me and I'll post it here.

Other news...Well, reviews will be a little infrequent for the next few weeks at least, as I've got some stuff going on in my offline life =) I've got some great books up for review next, though! Keep checking back for reviews of these books (and more!) in my to-read stack: Simone Elkeles' How To Ruin A Summer Vacation, Jenine Wilson's The Shadow Within, Cecil Castelluci's Queen Of Cool and Boyproof, Jennifer Echols' Major Crush, Erin Downing's Dancing Queen, and Nina Wright's Homefree.

I've just joined Paperback Swap, a cool website for swapping books! You swap for credit, and you can save your credits for any book; you don't have to trade directly with someone. I've gotten some good books already! Also, when you first sign up, you get three free credits just for posting nine books (not mailing out, just posting as availible!), so that's three free books right off! I'm hoping if some of you guys, readers of YA books, join, there will be some cool books to swap for=)

That's it for now; check back soon for more reviews (and anything else I think of)!

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