Monday, September 04, 2006

Review: Tallulah Falls by Christine Fletcher

In Christine Fletcher's Tallulah Falls, Tallulah Addy (formerly Debbie Badowski) doesn't know what she did before she knew Maeve. Maeve is everywhere, laughing and moving and talking all the time. Everybody loves her. Then, one day, she takes off for Florida, leaving Tallulah behind in Portland. When Tallulah gets an urgent message from Maeve, though, she leaves her life in Portland and her family behind, and sets out on a cross-country trip. Tallulah's got to bring Maeve two notebooks from her apartment. She asks Derek, a boy she's gone out with only once, to drive her. Tallulah doesn't know what else to do. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't turn out all that great. Derek leaves her with nothing but a duffel bag (which fortunately contains the two notebooks she's bringing to Maeve). Unfortunately, she has no money and no way to get to Florida.

When she's arrested for vagrancy (which seems rather absurd), Tallulah calls Maeve, but Maeve isn't answering the phone. She can't call her family, of course, but she definitely needs help. She is rather surprised, however, when help turns out to come from the people at the local veterinarian's office. She has a job at the clinic, a place to stay with Ruth, the receptionist, and possibly a love interest in Kyle, who works there as well. She had no idea this was what she'd end up with when she brought in an injured dog from the highway. Still, it's only temporary. Tallulah's got to go to Florida and find Maeve as soon as she gets her paycheck. Right?

Tallulah Falls is a marvelous book by a brilliant author that is certainly worth reading. It's an absorbing story, and it's brilliantly written. The characters are excellent, especially Tallulah, whose voice certainly adds a lot to this novel. Christine Fletcher's story is beautiful, brilliant, marvelous, and any other adjective along those lines. It's not just another entertaining chick lit book (not that there's anything wrong with those; I love them), but very different (in a very good way). Tallulah Falls is an excellent, touching story of a girl finding out who she is and what her priorities are, but it's definitely more than that as well. This is something no one will want to miss.

Rating: 10/10

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