Monday, October 02, 2006

Review: Major Crush by Jennifer Echols

In Major Crush, former beauty paegant queen and majorette Virginia Sauter has pierced her nose, started going barefoot, and become her school's first female drum major. Unfortunately, she has to share the position with Drew Morrow, whose family has held the position for years. He's understandably resentful of her...And, well, he's kind of a jerk. So why can't Virginia stop thinking about him?

Still, his hotness does not make up for his overly competitive behavior or the fact that he's dating one of the Evil Twins (even he's not sure which one--they're identically evil). Virginia can't stand sharing the position of drum major with Drew. But when their new teacher, Mr. Rush, threatens to give the job to Clayton Porridge (Why, you ask is this a bad idea? He's, well, he's Clayton Porridge), they're forced to cooperate. At first getting along is just an act to please Mr. Rush, but then they really start to connect on and off the field...

Jennifer Echols' novel is a funny, entertaining read with surprising depth. It made me laugh at all the right moments (had me laughing out loud quite a bit, actually) but had enough depth that it wasn't completely silly and ridiculous. While the more serious parts sometimes seemed a bit out of place, that was probably just because of my expectations for the book, labeled as a Romantic Comedy. The story was great; marching band "geeks" and non-"geeks" alike will be able to relate, and find themselves sucked into Virginia's and Drew's hilarious romance.

Rating: 8.5/10

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