Thursday, November 30, 2006

Review: Homefree by Nina Wright

Homefree caught my attention with a pretty cool cover: the title and author on a tree-shaped air freshner hanging from a car's rearview mirror. I know, I know; don't judge a book by its cover. Still, though, it's got to have something to get me hooked, and a cool cover definitely does that!

The book was pretty cool as well. It's the story of Easter Hutton and her newfound, ah, talents. Sure, Easter's life does kind of suck; her dad was a junkie who she thinks is in Mexico now, her mother has remarried quite a few times and her stepfathers haven't been any better than her real one, and her mother keeps moving them from place to place, so Easter is always an outsider. However, her time at this new school in Florida is different. Not that the school itself is particularly different from all of the others she's attended, but it is while she is daydreaming in class that she begins to discover she has the power to astral project. Now that is different.

Easter's talents bring her to Homefree, an organization for kids with talents like Easter's. It turns out her old friend Andrew from Atlanta is post-cognitive (he can see people's pasts). A few other people from Easter's past turn out to have paranormal gifts as well, and Easter has to help them all out, even though she's not finished helping herself; could those two be one in the same?

Nina Wright's novel is a quick read and a fun one. It's a little too fast-paced, though. More often things are not fast-paced enough, but the opposite can happen as well. This could have been better if the two main focuses of the novel--Easter discovering her own talents and Easter helping other gifted teenagers--had been broken up into two books of this size, with each one taking about twice as long. I felt it was a bit rushed through, leaving it with two plot arcs in one book, which was a little strange. It was still a good book, though, and a good story with characters I really enjoyed. Easter is a likeable character, and I hope to see more about her in the future!

Rating: 8/10

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