Monday, December 25, 2006

Book Blogger Meme

From Confessions of a Bibliovore

Meme for Book Bloggers

How many other kidlit blogs do you read?
Tons! I can't even count. There are a lot bookmarked on my favorites, a couple I've subscribed to email updates to, some subscribed to on myspace, and some subscribed to on livejournal.

What's the most recent add?
Interactive Reader. I just found it through Confessions of a Bibliovore--same place this meme came from!

How often do you post a book review to your blog?
I try to review books as I read them, but it usually doesn't work too well. For instance, right now I have eight books that I've read and need to review piled up next to my computer! So I usually do it all at once, when I get the time.

Do you post about anything else?
Yes. I usually post a list of contests at least once a month, as well as most wanted books and stuff like that.

Do you only blog books you like, or the stinkers too?
I blog about most of the books I read. There are few exceptions. I like most of them--If I don't think I'll like a book at all, I don't pick it up, and I'm usually a good judge of that sort of thing.

How do you keep track of what you want to read?
Not very well! I have a must-have books list as well as a froogle wishlist that I don't update very often, and various titles scrawled on scraps of paper.

How do you keep track of what you've read?
Again, not very well! I sometimes make attempts to, but...I don't. One of my 2007 new year's resolutions is going to be to keep a book journal, though! I'd like to know how many books and pages I read in a year, at least.

Do you work with kids?
Not really.

In the age group of the books you mostly blog about?

Do you read grown-up books?
Occasionally...Usually thrillers. Almost 100% of what I read, however, is YA.

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