Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Review: An Order of Amelie, Hold the Fries by Nina Schindler

AN ORDER OF AMELIE, HOLD THE FRIES is told in a series of notes, text messages, letters, and emails, mostly between Tim and Amelie. Tim is walking on the street one day, watching a beautiful girl, when, miraculously, a scrap of paper falls out of her bag--with a name and address on it!

He writes to the address, only to learn that the girl he is writing to, Amelie, is not the beautiful one he saw on the street that day. Undaunted, he keeps writing, undeterred by Amelie's efforts to get him out of her life and interested in girls his own age (she's a few years older). The two strike up an unlikely friendship, and then--could it be? A romance?

The form of this book is very interesting. The words that go between the two characters (as well as a few other characters) are not just pictured as text on a page; they are illustrated by very interesting and cool pieces of art. For instance, one page has text messages exchanged by Tim and Amelie where they discuss meeting at a Chinese restaurant. Each message appears on the screen of a white line drawing of a cell phone against a background that is a dim photograph of a Chinese restaurant. The way this book is set up adds a lot to the story. It also makes it a quick read; even reluctant readers might like this one!

The depth that Nina Schindler manages to give her characters through a short book with only the letters, notes, text messages, and emails of the characters involved is remarkable. It's a great story, too; how Tim and Amelie meet is quite original! This is a great book, one not to be missed.

Rating: 9.5/10

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