Saturday, February 03, 2007

Review: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Free Throws by Jannette Rallison

Josie and Cami are best friends, but they’re both jealous of each other. It seems, to each of them, so easy for the other to get what she wants. Josie wants Ethan Lancaster’s attention. It’s all she can think about. She loves basketball, but to her it’s just a game. To Cami, however, it’s serious, and she would kill to have Josie’s talent on the court. Josie is just as jealous of Cami, though. No matter how much Josie crushes on Ethan, she always seems to be humiliating herself around him--he and Cami, however, seem to be interacting way more than he and Josie ever have.

LIFE, LOVE, AND THE PURSUIT OF FREE THROWS is a cute and fun book, though a little dull at times. The story is told in chapters where Josie and Cami take turns narrating--but their voices are often indistinguishable. Even though the characters have the same interests, one would expect them to be at least a little different from each other--but this is not the case throughout most of the book. Still, though, this is a fun read; just pick it up at the library if you have the chance, and spend your money on more phenomenally awesome books.


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Anonymous said...

this book is cute, and it can be dull sometimes i got bored and tossed it around but then felt guilty and picked it back up. most definetly not one of Jannette Rallison's best, but its okay. plus it was required i read it so that is another reason i picked it back up... :]