Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Review: Better Than Yesterday by Robyn Schneider

Review: Better Than Yesterday by Robyn Schneider

It’s summer session at the uber-competitive Hilliard Prep, and four freshman-year friends, now seniors, are reunited: Blake, the messed-up prankster; Marissa, the fiction addict; Skylar, the brainy fashionista; and Charley, who’s just trying to live up to his parents’ high expectations and still find time to follow his own dreams.

Everyone has their own problems. Skylar and Charley are competing for valedictorian, and Charley’s parents won’t stand for it if he’s beaten by a girl--a girl he might be in love with. Skylar is having to hide a secret from her past again, now that Blake’s back on campus--a secret involving Blake’s own older brother. Blake has plenty of problems, too, none of them with easy fixes.

When Blake takes off and it’s more obvious than ever that he’s in some serious trouble, Skylar, Marissa, and Charley know what they have to do for their friend, even if it means risking a lot of trouble back at Hilliard and at home. But that’s what friends are for, right?

This awesome story, fun but also serious and intriguing, is not compelling from page one, but it gets that way very quickly. Two great narrators, wonderful characters, complex relationships, and amazing writing make BETTER THAN YESTERDAY a debut novel from an author to watch!

Rating: 9/10

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