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Review: Rock My World by Liza Conrad

Review: Rock My World: A Novel of Thongs, Spandex, and Love in G Minor by Liza Conrad

I really enjoyed Liza Conrad’s other two teen novels, High School Bites (read my review here) and The Poker Diaries (Check out for March to find out just how much!). They are both very different (one about poker and one about vampires) and very fabulous. So, of course, that’s what I expected in ROCK MY WORLD. But that’s not what I got; in fact, my expectations were really surpassed! Ths book is way more than fabulous. This book really did rock my world! Truly, it blew me away. The great writing, the power in this rather short (less than 200 pages) novel. When I read the last page, I didn’t set it down and move, within seconds, on to my next book. I couldn’t even put it in my to-review stack after all of the other books I really need to write about. I couldn’t get it out of my head! I sat and mulled it over for awhile, and then I just had to turn on my computer and start writing.

Livy James is the daughter of a rock star. Her life is not much like that of most teenagers. But is this anything like all of the other fun, fabulous stories about celebrities and those around them? No. I wouldn’t even put it in the same category. This is a powerful, deep story, not just entertaining. Not to say it isn’t plenty fun, too!

Livy, as a child, was surrounded by her father’s rock-star friends and bandmates. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. As her best friend Cammie says often, it’s shocking that Livy didn’t turn out completely screwed up. Instead, she’s a talented young writer who has just landed an awesome assignment--covering the latest Babydolls tour, lead once again by her father, for Rock On magazine. It’s the first since that one infamous night in Paris, when Greg Essex, in love with Livy’s mother Anna, pulled a gun on Livy’s father.

Now, Livy, the Babydolls, Anna, Cammie, the band opening for the Babydolls, and the rest of the people needed to make a world tour happen are wowing crowds from Tokyo to LA, but that’s the least of the drama for Livy. She’s having a tough time following her own personal rule for the opposite sex (no musicians--she doesn’t want to repeat her parents’ mistakes), and the band isn’t nearly as tight as it used to be, thanks to that night in Paris that ended the guys’ friendship and made them just coworkers. Livy wants to find out the real truth about that night, but she’s learning that there may not be one real truth about why things fell apart. She does know, however, it might be up to her to put them back together. Of course, when she can’t even keep her own life together, who is Livy to fix those of other, older (but not necessarily wiser) people?

Liza Conrad is brilliant. She manages to say so much in these 179 pages, about music, family, love, friendship, and life. Breathtaking isn’t a word I use lightly, but I’d certainly use it talking about this novel. I couldn’t put this book down! It’s absorbing, wonderfully written, and populated with amazing characters. As Livy tries to unravel the threads of her own life and those around her, readers will follow her journey closely, and put it down only to seek more from Liza Conrad--if we’re lucky, maybe even more about Livy in the future! I found only one thing that I didn’t love about this book: the very clichĂ© pairing off. The two sets of best friends get together, and it’s obvious from the beginning. Even if, individually, I did like the relationships, the pairing off shouldn’t have been so instantly obvious. Still, though, this is an amazing story on so many levels.

Rating: 9.9/10

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