Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter: Books vs. Movies

You know I love the Harry Potter books. I don't think JK Rowling is the greatest writer ever, but she does a great job with the wonderfully complex and exciting plot of the Harry Potter books.

The movies, however, are another story. I have seen all of them within the first week. It was not, however, until the fourth one that I learned to really like them.

They are nothing like the books. Of course, they have to cut a lot of stuff out to fit these books into 150-minute movies, but I often disagree with their editing decisions, not in the least because I have friends who have not read the books, only seen the movies, and there are parts that they don't understand because of it. One friend who I saw the fifth movie with didn't understand about banning Weasley products because it was not fully explained what the Weasley twins had been doing.

However, once you stop comparing them to the books (but keep in mind what you already know about the story as it will fill in the gaps nicely), the movies are really quite good. The action and special effects are exciting. The casting was done fairly well, and the actors do their parts nicely (I was especially pleased with Luna Lovegood in the fifth movie!).

Strictly as movies, they're pretty good (if maybe a bit confusing). Compared to the books, however....Not quite so much. What do you think?


Brian Mandabach said...

I agree 100%. very well said. I think I enjoyed this last one the best becuase it had been so long since I'd read the book. I knew enough to get the Weasly products bit, but not enough to miss the stuff they left out. (except Dobby) My daughter sitting next to me has the book pretty much memorized and was constnantly objecting (though she did enjoy it).

What about Lord of the Rings? My problems with that adaptation was that not only did Jackson leave a lot out, he also got some major things wrong, or changed things for dramatic effect that destroyed some of the characters' integrity. Faramir, Treebeard, Theoden...

ooops, got off topic! I could go on and on! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I half-agree. i think the movies are annoying when they leave out stuff from the books - stuff they don't explain in the movies, but the movies are GENIUS and j.k rowling is THE BEST WRITER OF ALL TIME!!! no book could ever be better than harry potter!!!

Helen Neely said...

I love Harry potter, but I think the book is much better than the movie. If I had to choose, it would be the book anytime. In fact, some of my Books in order include 2 copies of Potter and some Books Martina Cole just released.

Nice blog btw :)

Anonymous said...



Mya said...

Anyone see the latest HP7? Because I did, and I believe it is the best adaptation yet!


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