Monday, July 02, 2007

Help Out An Author

On my to-read stack is a book I can't wait to pick up: What I Meant... by Marie Lamba. Today, I got this in a message from the author:

I wanted to let you know of my current publishing woe. My first YA novel WHAT I MEANT...(Random House, July 24th) is currently in trouble (found out 2 days ago, less than a month pre-publication) because presales from chain bookstores are too low. Based on this, they are cancelling the paperback, and my already-written and accepted sequel and printing less than anticipated of the hardbound. I'm hoping to turn this around by raising awareness of the book and asking everyone to preorder immediately and stock the shelves with WHAT I MEANT...

Big chains and corporations shouldn't make great reads, writers and readers, and of course librarians should. The book is getting nice reviews and is a summer pick soon on so it isn't the book's quality that is a problem.

I'm moving this to the top of my stack to read & review, and I hope some of you will consider ordering the book to help her out, if it sounds like your kind of thing.

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