Saturday, July 07, 2007

Important: New Rating System

I’ve decided to try the more traditional 5-star rating system for awhile rather than rating books out of ten. I kept going back and thinking, why did I rate that so low/high? Oh, because I have no set guidelines! So, here’s exactly how it’s going to work:

Five Stars: New favorite book! Rush out to buy this one right away! It’s fabulous!

Four Stars: Great book! Put it on your list!

Three Stars: Pretty good, or at least fun. Don’t rush out for it, but don't hesitate to read it if you come across a copy!

Two Stars: Meh. Maybe sort of entertaining. If you have nothing else to do. I guess.

One Star: Stay away. If for some reason you absolutely must read this book (like, it was written my your cousin's friend's sister and you feel obligated to read it, or something), check it out from the library.

No Stars: My eyes are bleeding!

And when I post my reading list, I’ll just put the number of stars next to the title.

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