Monday, July 02, 2007

Review: Harley, Like A Person by Cat Bauer

Harley Columba's parents don't understand her. She loves art and poetry; her father loves drinking and criticizing her. She has nothing in common with them. Of course not; she's fourteen. However, Harley's situation is a little more than that. Harley has actual proof she may be adopted: a doll with a note from her real father, given to her long ago and stuffed in a box in her attic.

Reading this, though, I didn't feel it was a story about Harley searching for her past so much as Harley searching for herself and finding out who she really is. It's not the plot that drives this wonderful novel, but the amazing characters.

Cat Bauer is brilliant in that she doesn't put everyone and every situation into a neat little box. Every time you think you've got it figured out, something is revealed that means you're wrong. I don't mean it's suspenseful; I mean, if you think that a specific character is exactly this stereotype and will do're wrong. But the characters' actions still fit in with the story. It's amazing. It's real. Real life doesn't fit into a box, but so many authors don't translate that into their stories. Cat Bauer does.

The writing style of this novel is excellent. I absolutely loved Harley's voice, and her take on the world. HARLEY, LIKE A PERSON is a powerful story, and I can't wait to get into Harley's mind again in the sequel, HARLEY'S NINTH.

Rating: 10/10

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