Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teen Book Review Information

Updated June 2007

This is my book blog, obviously. I'll be posting book reviews and other book-related news, contests, etc. Here's some general information about the Teen Book Review.

Review Copies:
I will accept review copies of middle grade/ YA books or adult books that will be of an interest to teen readers. I will not accept e-books; however, if your book is only available in that form, you may print it out and send it to me. Email me for my mailing address. Of course, sending me a book does not guarantee a good review, or a review within any specific time period (see below for more on that). If I absolutely can't get into it, can't stand it (and I'm sorry, but that happens occasionally. Very rarely, but it does happen.), I can't guarantee a review at all.

Selecting Books:
So many books arrive in my mailbox these days that I can't promise to read and review them quickly. I prefer to read books as they catch my interest from their place on the shelf, because that means I'm in the right mood for that kind of book, and so it'll probably get a better review if I read it when I want to, instead of forcing myself to read it on a deadline when I'm not in the right mood for it. I write for some other websites on a deadline, yes, but I think for this blog it works out better without one. So you see, even if I don't write all of my reviews quickly, it really turns out better for everyone this way!

Reviewing Books:
After I read a book, I write notes down about it, what I'll say in my review. Sometimes, it's quite awhile between reading and reviewing a book, because, well, I do have a life. I wish I could do this all day, but real life doesn't allow it.
Each book gets a rating out of ten, based more on how I feel about the book than any objective criteria. It's my opinion. It's subjective. However, I've read enough that I do have a lot to compare it to, so my opinions are informed!

Posting Reviews:
For each review I post here, and for each I post on another website but not here, there is a link at Also there are links to each of my reading lists for the month, starting in 2007.
Some of my reviews are also found in other places. Quite a few are re-posted on the Internet Book Database. Some are re-posted on Who knows where they'll end up?

As you see, I have links to sites that readers may enjoy in the sidebar. If you have a website about books and you'd like to exchange links, send me a message!

Any other comments, questions, or concerns? Email me.